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Horse Performances

Are you looking for entertainment on your event? We offer different types of performances based on positivity, tricktraining and tackless riding.


Do you want to know all the ins- and outs about our working method with horses? We offer clinics, workshops and lessons.



Would you like to promote your event, organise a meet and greet or do you have other suggestions? Feel free to contact us


Social Media

Searching for a way to promote your brand or any other collaboration? Jesse has a strong and big following on the platforms YouTube and Instagram where we can start a partnership.

Horse Performances

Jesse Drent has given a lot of shows over the years where he explains and shows more about his way of working with horses combined with humor. People can really relate yet still be amazed.. There are a lot of different options and idea’s/suggestions can be discussed.

*The prices are ex. VAT and travel costs.

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During a demonstration Jesse will show and explain more about the method behind their training and execute many of their tricks, riding bitless or without any tack whilst highlighting the importance of working in a positive manner. The duration of a demonstration is between 20-30 minutes (flexible upon request). Entertainment, educational and inspiring Jesse Drent is enjoyed by all ages.

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We offer a variety of shows which can be tailored to any event. Following the Jesse Drent method we present an entertaining and theatrical performance showcasing the journey from Jesse and his horses. The show will be performed on music where Jesse will show his work. This included riding with no tack, performing Grand Prix movements, high level tricks and taking the audience on a once in a lifetime journet, all based on working in a positive and friendly way with the horses.


Jesse Drent is very passionate about his lesson program and he believes every horse and combination can achieve their goal. Focus on the positive and go from there.

*The prices are ex. VAT and travel costs.

private lesson

Private lessons with your horse or with one of our team horses are possible regularly. Jesse works closely with his students to understand what their goal is and guides them their in the best way possible. 

€65,- per 45 minutes when you bring your own horse.
**Currently not possible

Group lessons // Workshops

This is the most popular activity with up to 4 horses per hour. During the lessons Jesse helps the students progress in their training no matter what level they are starting from. As this is a group activity Jesse encourages everybody to share their experiences and additionally learn from each other.

This is a service Jesse provides worldwide which has been a great success.

– The costs are €45,- per person per hour in the Netherlands. Please contact for more information


Jesse likes to share his experiences on events online or to meet his followers. This can be booked by an event, organisation or brand.

attending and promoting

By attending on behalf of.. Jesse will actively promote “X” on his social media platforms. This is a great way of sharing the feel and experience of your event, brand or organisation to the world.

– Further details can be discussed.

Meet and greet

A meet and greet can be booked per half an hour. During a Meet and Greet Jesse takes his time to talk to the people, to take pictures and to answer questions. A great way to interact.

Social media

Sharing our beliefs and experiences on social media is a great and strong way of collaborating. Jesse has build a strong following over the past few years by sharing his life.

*Partnerships will have to be discussed as we need to stand by the given message.


Jesse has currently nearly 400.000 followers on instagram. His channel is called @_jessedrent.

Do you want to know if working together will benefit you, what the audience is or more?
Feel free to contact us for further details.


Jesse has currently 160.000+ subscribers on YouTube. His channel is called “Jesse Drent”.

Would you like to work together? Feel free to contact us for further details.

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