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Looking for entertainment on your event? Or do you want to want to learn more about bitless riding and freedom dressage from Jesse Drent? You are at the right place!

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Our story

Let’s start at the beginning of this special journey. Working with horses is a special passion that we all share. And passion must always remain the starting point when you work with horses.

Welcome to Jesse Drent’s website, probably a name you’ve heard a lot. Jesse’s equestrian adventure began at a very young age, marked by the acquisition of his first horse, the intelligent NRPS mare, Andorra. Andorra’s unique energy posed challenges initially, prompting Jesse to explore alternative techniques to better understand and connect with her. This moment marked the true commencement of Jesse’s journey.

While Andorra has gracefully retired and enjoys the attention at home, the spotlight now shines on Macho, Antares, and Gaio during shows. Who knows, more four-legged friends might join team Nalanta in the future!

Jesse’s accomplishments are diverse, ranging from authoring books to participating in international events. But also trick trainer, rider and content creator, evolved into a social media sensation that inspires hundreds of thousands of followers daily. Jesse Drent is the Youtube and Social media phenomenon that has taken the equestrian world by storm. His captivating content makes equestrians all over the world laugh, cry and marvel – as we follow him and his horses on their journey.

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Are you looking for entertainment on your event? Jesse Drent offers different types of performances based on positivity, tricktraining and tackless riding.

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Get to know Jesse drent, Andorra, Macho, Antares & Gaio

Stars of the show

Guess what? Jesse Drent is never a solo act! Ever since Andorra decided it was time to kick back and enjoy retirement, the spotlight has been on Macho and Antares. And recently even Gaio proved to be a true showhorse! Click on the button below to learn more about them.

Designed by Jesse Drent

Nalanta Equipment

Experience the modern and extensive range of high-quality Equestrian equipment, developed by Jesse Drent. Our collection encompasses a wide array of products, from contemporary bitless bridles to innovative neckropes. Discover our unique designs and enduring quality that stands the test of time.


Yes – you can book a clinic or a lesson with Jesse via this link (currently only available in the Netherlands, international availability will be in the future).

Yes – For more information about the demos or shows that Jesse can provide, click on this link.

You can find all of Jesse’s products through the webshop.

You can find more information about potentially collaborating with Jesse via this link of send us an email at

There will be room for this in the future, but for now, he is focusing on his own horses and will search for a horse when the time is right.

Yes – we regularly have positions available for interns, although we don’t offer internal internships. You can always send an email to with your application, the duration of the internship, and the period when the internship should take place.

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HorseWorldTV is an equestrian platform tailored for individuals of all ages and skill levels. It serves as a vibrant community uniting us through our shared and steadfast devotion to everything related to horses. We offer subscribers unique content and channels directed by Matt Harnacke & Jesse Drent. 

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