Handboek Bitloos Rijden (Nederlandse versie)

This is the third book of Jesse Drent. In this book you can find all about bitless riding. Bitless riding is for everybody and if you do it in the right way it can be very beneficial for your horse.In this book you find all the information you need! It is written with a lot of love and passion and we hope you will enjoy it just as much as we enjoyed writing it. If you order the book here, you will get a signed book and if you want you can let us know if you need it fully personalised.




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Jesse Drent performs a lot on equestrian events and is really active on social media. With everything he does, he cares about his horses. He likes to ride bitless, but you can do this in multiple ways. In this book you can find all about the different bridles/systems and their the pro’s and con’s. You can also find all the information about how to communicate with your horse and how to start and train further in this way. In this book you can find over a 100 photos and there is a lot to enjoy and learn from this book. *This is the dutch version, find the English version in our webshop.*  You can get a personal message in the book/Je kunt een persoonlijke boodschap in het boek krijgen.


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